Tung Kong Eltham

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Menu Tung Kong Eltham

Tung Kong is a restaurant type that's well known for its tasty signature dishes. Our drive and dedication towards satisfying cravings is unmatched. We have perfected the art of cooking all types of wholesome and tasty Chinese dishes. We have further perfected the skill of serving and pairing it up. One look and bite of our Chinese food will take you down a mental trip to China. Although Chinese food is our specialty, we have introduced various local dishes to our menu; pan fried dumplings, chicken & noodle soup, shredded duck chow mein, beef fried rice, sesame prawn toast and so much more. This creates room for variety which comes in handy when you're craving for something else. This also allows different people to come together as one for a meal despite their food preferences. Just like our famous Chinese signature dishes, our local food is equally delicious. We have a wide array of dishes to choose from. All of our meals are delicious and will adequately satisfy your hunger pangs and fetishes.

About Tung Kong Eltham

We have invested a lot in ensuring that our customers remain satisfied. Behind our flag of success is our excellent staff team that has worked tirelessly in ensuring that our customers are well attended to. The masterminds behind our unforgettable tasty meals are our highly skilled team of chefs. These are individuals who have spent years learning the skills from five star professionals. Our chefs are able to replicate any dish and add a personal touch to it. This assures you that although we serve your favorite dish, the taste is like no other. A common question that's normally asked is how we manage to keep our meals fresh and tasty. Well, we have a strictly fresh ingredients policy. In this case, all of our ingredients are brought in fresh and straight from the farm. This way, each fruit, vegetable, herb and spice remains nutritious and succulent even after cooking. With each bite, you will experience a burst of flavors and aromas. This is what sets us apart from the rest. Tung Kong London, you can always rest assured that you will be served the best food in town. 


Restaurant location Tung Kong Eltham

Are you craving some tasty Chinese food? Find us in 432 Well Hall Road, London City, UK. Enjoy a relaxing ambience as you enjoy your meal. If for some reason you are unable to drop by, we are proud to alert you that you can now order online. Simply download our app to your phone from the app store. After successfully installing the app, which takes a few seconds, you are ready to place your first order. Click on it, read through the menu and we shall receive it. Your food will be freshly prepared and sent on its way as soon as possible. Tung Kong London restaurant is more than just an ordinary restaurant.

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